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Sisters Arabic instructors are qualified and experienced to teach non-Arabic speakers the Arabic language

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"I always wanted to learn Arabic for two reasons; to read and understand the Quran in it's true language and to be able to speak to Arabic speaking citizens of Saudi Arabia where I have been residing for many years. I feel ashamed to have lived here for so long and to not be able to speak Arabic. Being a mother of three children and a working woman, I never had time to attend a proper course. When I saw the advert for the course, I immediately registered. The organization quickly responded and connected me to my new teacher. I started my classes within 2-3 days according to timings that suit my schedule. I found it to be very organized and professional in this matter."

− Safia

"My Arabic teacher is very sweet and polite and highly educated for the course. She speaks English fluently so it is easy for me to communicate with her at the first level. The book we use is perfect for learning Arabic as a beginner. It includes real-life scenarios like conversations at airports, hotels, shopping centers. I am learning a lot of new grammar. Over a span of 6 weeks, I am now able to write a short paragraph. My teacher always reviews vocabulary at the beginning of every class. The coordinator constantly keeps in touch and communicates through Skype, asking about my progress and the classes. I am really enjoying learning Arabic and hope to start writing, reading and speaking it fluently inshAllah. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for beginning an excellent course and I hope they continue with the same fee and efforts. I recommend anyone who wants to learn Arabic to join the course."

− Shemsia

"Alhamdulillah, sister Amina is an exceptionally talented teacher who provided me with a stimulating,challenging and inspiring classical Arabic class online. Her incredible management skills online ensured that i integrated successfully in to all activities, becoming eager and engaged in learning. Her skills insha Allah will benefit both Arabic and non Arabic speakers insha Allah. May Allah Azzajawal reward her abundantly and preserve her for the ummah. Ameen"

− Aisha

"My confidence level in approaching the Arabic language has increased because I know I have a nice teacher to explain all the words so they become simple the book is really good too - since it covers reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar before I used to spend a lot of time studying grammar by myself - but then I still made list of mistakes in sentences - so I need someone to correct me and learning a language is mind mapping - once you become familiar with a word and the ways to use it, you can use it again and again."

− Tooba