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Check out Sisters Arabic short videos designed to help you grasp basic Qur'an and Arabic concepts. We also have some biographies of famous female Islamic personalities!


Check out Sisters Arabic games section. We've developed some interactive learning tools to help you learn the basics of the Arabic language. Check it out and have fun!


Check out Sisters Arabic Free Lessons where you can watch short series of videos designed to help you better understand key Qur'anic and Arabic concepts!

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free lessons

Are you busy with chores or work? Do you feel the need to learn, but you find difficulty making time for it? No,problem! Check out Sisters Arabic Recorded Courses...

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recorded courses

Need a live instructor to go over your Qur'anic or Arabic studies? Or would you like to get your children started early learning Qur'an and Arabic? If so, look no further! Check out our live courses!

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live courses

Technology is everywhere, so how can we use it for our spiritual growth and development? Sisters Arabic WhatsApp group is alive and kicking, providing you with real time interaction with our knowledgable intructors in both Qur'an and Arabic!

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whatsapp groups

Do more than chat! Sisters Arabic Telegram group will keep you actively learning, in sha Allah. If you want to join a group that has mountians of benefit and is designed to empower you and your family then join now!

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The memorizing and reciting of the Qur'an is one of the most beneficial acts of worship we can do. Although many of us have this desire, we really don't know where to begin. Sisters Arabic has put together a team of highly qualified female Qur'an teachers to help you and your children get off to a great start with the book of Allah.

The Arabic language is the key to knowledge in Islam. Let's face it, without this tool at our reach, we are simply unable to reach the true depths of Islamic knowledge. Why depend on a middle-man (translator), when, with just a little effort, you can listen and understand the Qur'an and Sunnah directly?

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About Us
About Sisters Arabic

Sisters Arabic was established in 2012 with the mission of empowering our mothers, sisters, and daughters with the key to understanding the speech of Allah without a translator, the Arabic language. We would later go on to develop top-level Tajweed and Qur'an memorization courses for women and children.

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Our Teachers
Our Teachers

Al humdulillah, Sisters Arabic instructors are qualified native Arabic speaking teachers, who speak English and have experience teaching non-Arabic speakers. Over the years we have revised and developed our curriculum to meet the needs of sisters and children who are at any stage of their Arabic or Quranic studies.

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Contact Us
Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop us a line. We are available and ready to respond to your enquires. Our staff will reply to your message within the hour, in sha Allah, or at the latest, within a 24 hour window. Go ahead and send us salaams, in sha Allah

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