Sisters Arabic

Arabic Literacy 101

What will I get?

One to One Private Tutor

Sisters Arabic provides a private learning experience so your tutor can focus on your individual needs!

Flexible Scheduling

Busy? No problem. At Sisters Arabic, we go out of our way to allow you to choose the most suitable schedule for your lessons.

Materials Included

Sisters Arabic has no hidden fees. Your monthly tuition includes all the materials needed to study for your courses.

Cancel at Anytime

Most of our students are very happy with our service, but in case we are not a good fit, you can cancel at anytime, no problem.

Choose a Plan

Standard Pace

$79 per month

  • Private Instruction
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Materials Included
  • 6 lessons per month
  • 6 hours per month

Medium Pace

$99 per month

  • Private Instruction
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Materials Included
  • 10 lessons per month
  • 10 hours per month

Intensive Pace

$227 per month

  • Private Instruction
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Materials Included
  • 24 lessons per month
  • 24 hours per month


Lahrasub Siraj

I couldn’t be happier with the course for my 7 year old. She absolutely loves the classes and her teacher, to the point that she looks forward to them. Prior to trying Sisters Arabic, we tried a couple of local schools, and even a teacher to come to our house, but Abia wasn’t happy with any of those, for one reason or another. For myself and Saba we love that she’s learning, to speak, read, write as well as Tajweed and all the rules. Couldn’t be happier, allhumdulliah!

Shamira Ahmed, California, USA

Arabic homeschool has really taken my young daughters (ages 6 and 8) from the level of not being able to read Arabic, to being able to read with comprehension, in a relatively short time! The girls actually look forward to their bi-weekly individualized classes with Ms. Samar and even rush to do their homework assignments without much push on my side. Mrs. Amira, on the administrative end, has also been very helpful for my family in finding the right teacher to work with my girls. Communicating my goals for my girls and finding the right teacher was facilitated and taken care of by Mrs. Amira in a punctual manner.

Abu Maryam

As salaamu alaikum, love you resources - love the site. May Allah bless you!


My Arabic teacher is very sweet and polite and highly educated for the course. She speaks English fluently so it is easy for me to communicate with her at the first level. The book we use is perfect for learning Arabic as a beginner. It includes real-life scenarios like conversations at airports, hotels, shopping centers. I am learning a lot of new grammar. Over a span of 6 weeks, I am now able to write a short paragraph. My teacher always reviews vocabulary at the beginning of every class. The coordinator constantly keeps in touch and communicates through Skype, asking about my progress and the classes. I am really enjoying learning Arabic and hope to start writing, reading and speaking it fluently inshAllah. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for beginning an excellent course and I hope they continue with the same fee and efforts. I recommend anyone who wants to learn Arabic to join the course.